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Ramon Gallud Street


Comprising 20 apartments, the property boasts a diverse range ofliving spaces suitable for various lifestyle preferences. Alongsidethese apartments, there are 16 parking spaces and 13 storageunits, augmenting the practicality and convenience of thecomplex. Grupoinves has successfully secured the option to purchase thisproperty through negotiations with Sareb, the Spanish equivalentof NAMA (National Asset Management Agency). This securedoption provides a significant advantage for prospective investorsor developers seeking a strategic foothold in Torrevieja's realestate market. Strategically located in Torrevieja, Alicante, this property offersproximity to urban amenities, scenic surroundings, and potentialfor varied investment opportunities. The distressed nature of thisasset signals a prospect for renovation, redevelopment, orinvestment strategies to enhance its value and capitalize on itsprime location.


Ramon Gallud Street Torrevieja - Alicante ASSET RG198


Stunning Beaches: Torrevieja boasts several Blue Flag beaches likePlaya del Cura, Playa de los Locos, and La Mata, offering pristine sandsand crystal-clear waters.

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