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Invest in the Future of Service Procurement with UTender

Revolutionize Service Procurement: Invest in UTender

Utender is set to disrupt the service procurement industry with a cutting-edge platform that connects service providers with consumers seamlessly and efficiently. As we gear up for our official launch in the UK and Ireland on July 24, we are offering a unique investment opportunity for forward-thinking investors.

About UTender

Utender is a comprehensive lead generation platform designed to simplify the process of finding and connecting with reliable service providers. Leveraging our strategic acquisition of, which includes a database of 85,000 businesses, and a partnership with Yelowtom, giving us access to over 3.5 million service providers, we are poised for rapid growth and significant market penetration.

Investment Opportunity

We are raising €500,000 in exchange for 10% equity in UTender, with a minimum investment entry of €25,000 for 0.5% equity. This funding will accelerate our development, marketing efforts, and user acquisition, positioning UTender as the go-to platform for service procurement.

Growth Projections

By applying the 20/20% rule, we estimate that 20% of our 3.5 million service providers will join UTender, each posting at least one project worth €2,000 annually. With our 10% commission model, we project over €1 million in revenue in the first year alone.

Why Invest in Utender?

Proven Market Demand: Platforms like Bark have shown substantial growth, confirming the market need for efficient service procurement solutions.

Strategic Partnerships:
Our collaboration with Yelowtom and provides a solid foundation for user engagement and growth.

Innovative Solution:
Utender offers a user-friendly interface, verified providers, and rapid response times, setting us apart from competitors.

Join us in revolutionizing the service procurement industry. Invest in Utender today and be part of a venture with immense growth potential.

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