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What are the benefits of becoming a Premium Member of
Gain Access to a host of Bonus Member’s Offers and Bonuses from our Trusted Partners of
Incredible Saving right across the board for you personally and for your business from self-development to branding and promotion to Digital and Social Media Audits and Training from some of Ireland’s leading Businesses and every day we are adding to the list.
A Premium Subscription with will increase visibility for your business, plus also enhancing your SEO with our outstanding Backlinks rating by 48%.  You can gain a wide range of offers that can be instantly used and adapted for your company.

Premium Members Bonuses

Kompass Media: 30 Minute FREE Social Media Consultation which also includes a Social Media Audit.
Danielle Serpico The BlackBelt Mastermind: Author, Hypnotist, and Broadcaster offers members a FREE 1/2 hour (On-Line) Individual Clarity Session 
Cube Design: Free 30 Minute Brand Consultation for Premium Members of

If you would like more details on our Premium Packages and Subscription. Please contact Barbara Gordon by Email: [email protected] or visit our Advertising Page  

Premium Members Offers

Google Ads Session with Andy Black

1 Hour Google Ads Consultation with Andy Black 
Need help with your Google Adwords Campaign?
Book a session with Andy Black as you may be aware Andy runs our Monthly Google Ads Clinic where he shares his expertise with a group of business owners every month.
You can book Andy for a one to one session to work on your own Google Ads Campaign, Andy has over 11 years of experience with Google Ads Campaigns and has worked with startups building 120 million keywords and ads to acquire 15,000 signups a day.
He also worked in the Google Ads team in Groupon and built and managed the Google Ads campaigns for the largest insurance broker in Ireland.
Book a one to one session with Andy
Standard Price €100 
Special Offer for WhatsWhat Premium Members – €40 Discount Avail of this offer for only €60 Per Hour

The BlackBelt MasterMind

FREE 1/2 hour (On-Line) Individual Clarity Session from Danielle Serpico The BlackBelt Mastermind

The BlackBelt Mastermind also provides a wide of services that include:

Danielle can help you with Confidence, Motivation & Focus, Overcome Fears & Phobias Improve Fitness, lose weight, New business, Startup business Change in career & new life, Improve Sports results and Gain more success and achieve more

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The BlackBelt MasterMind

Cube Design

FREE 30 Minute Brand Consultation:

Now more than ever we need to be thinking about our businesses are coming across visually. More businesses are spending more time looking and thinking online. So your visual expression of your brand is VITAL to staying visible and credible.

In an effort to help to grow and changing businesses, who might be thinking of pivoting elements of their business because of COVID 19, we have extended our normal 15-minute offer to a FREE 30 minutes of specialist brand advice.

We would like to invite you to book a no-obligation free Zoom call to let our experience help you continue to build your brand with confidence.

Visit Cube Design on our Business Profile 


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Many more to come we will keep you updated.
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