With Alan Hennessy from Kompass Media
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Do you have questions about Social Media that you would like answered?

Are you struggling to get your head around the different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn?

Don’t Panic!

The Social Media Clinic was built for this, Alan will be sharing his expertise and will endeavour to break down Social Media in easy to understand language and answer your questions and share some useful tips, tricks and hack that you can put into practice immediately. 

Over the next number of months, we will delve into the Social Media Platforms, Digital Strategies Social Media Tools including Graphics Programmes, Scheduling Tools, Live Streaming and Content Creation Tools.

These Clinics will be conducted via zoom so you can attend from the comfort of your home or office.

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Find Out More About Alan Hennessy

Alan is a qualified digital marketing consultant he is also an experienced Trainer, Mentor, Coach, having worked in association with various government initiatives, providing advice and expertise to Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, New Business ventures and organisations and in turn helping them to launch their business with an online presence.
Alan is the head of Digital here in Kompass Media his focus for delivering excellent results and key strategies for our client is his main objective. Understanding Market trends in collaboration with our clients is the key to his success.
Alan is also the host of the very successful Podcast, The Social Media Talks Podcast where he chats with some of the World Leading Digital and Social Media Experts and draws from his conversations with them and shares and interrupts their insights into his training course.
Visit for more information about Alan and the services his team provide to businesses.
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