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From the comfort and safety of your own home or office

Hosted By Alan Hennessy from Kompass Media & The Social Media Talks Podcast

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Virtually Network with Like-Minded Business Owners from The Comfort of Your Own Home or Office

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Never has it been so important to connect with each other.
Join our Face to Face Virtual Networking Meetings from the comfort of your own home.
Our Next Face to Face Virtual Networking Meetings over Zoom is on 30th September 9pm – 10.30pm
If you would like to join us please contact Barbara for more details
Call 086 411 6688 or Email: barbara@whatswhat.ie
We are here to support you.

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WhatsWhat.ie and Kompass Media are delighted to bring you a new way of networking from the comfort of your own home or office.
We understand the restraints you may be under to get out in the evenings to network with other like-minded business owners, like having to find babysitters, travel time, traffic or meeting being to far away to attend.
These are some of the reasons we have developed this concept for WhatsWhat.ie members to help you build your network. In business, one of the best assets you can have to create visibility, build awareness, collabrate, introduce yourself to new audiences and business owners and receive referrals is through Networking.
Remember People buy from people (Not Machines)
It is also a great opportunity to showcase your products and services that you provide which may benefit someone in the group or one of their customers.

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Our Virtual Network meetings take place bi-weekly using the Zoom platform
The Duration of these meeting are 1 hour + (depending on the attendance on the night)
The Benefits of the meeting, you get to meet other members of the WhatsWhat.ie community.
We ask all attendees to introduce themselves, tell us a little about your business and who your prefered clients would be, all under 3 minutes.
We also have discussions about business in general and try to answer questions posed by some of the members and draw on each others expertise or experiences.
All of the meetings are recorded and shared later that week in a group folder on Google so you can recap on them.
We ask you to share your email address, website and social links so we can follow each other and engage online.

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You are required to have a camera and microphone (Note: Most computer come standard with these facilities)
You are requested to share your camera with us so we can see you on screen. If you don’t we will eject you from the room.
On arrival, you will be asked to introduce yourself and your business and the customers you would like to get in front of.
There will be chat box at the side of the screen which we would ask you to share contact details including
Email Address, Website, Social Media Link.
The idea of these Virtual Networking Meetings is to learn more about each others business and how we can help each other. This is not a platform to PITCH SALES, so please refrain from doing so.
We would encourage you to share your views and advice on any issues raised in conversation and ask questions if you are in need of help from the attendee’s.
All of the Virtual Networking Meeting will be recorded by Alan Hennessy and added to a Private Google Drive Folder which attendees will be given access to in the days that follow.
If you are interested in joining the meetings and participating  in the conversation.
Please contact Barbara Gordon for more details.
PH: 086 411 6688
Email: barbara@whatswhat.ie

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For more information download our Virtual Networking Brochure here Virtual Networking Brochure

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For more information on  WhatsWhat.ie


Contact Barbara Gordon

Tel: 01 286 57 87


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