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With over 25 years of experience in the flooring industry, Michael Manning has seen and worked with all from laminated boards to solid parquet and everything in-between. Michael worked and learned my trade in England, then came back to Ireland where I was lucky enough to work with some amazing companies before I eventually set up my own company MM Parquet.
Michael recently started a blog to inform anyone that is interested in reading a little about the benefits of Solid parquet flooring.
Michael hopes to educate anyone that reads this on its resilience, durability and beauty.
In this blog we are going to talk about its resilience and how it can endure more than you would expect, which leads us to a floor we fitted over 10 years ago for a client, it was a solid parquet floor, last year the client rang to say there had been a leak and wanted us to come and look as they expected the floor would need to be replaced.
The floor had been saturated but we explained that once it had dried out all we would need to do is sand back the floor and polish and it would be as good as new, people don’t realize that a solid parquet floor can withstand leaks unlike some of the cheaper options on the market like engineered and laminate because of the individual pieces and how parquet is bonded directly to the concrete it makes it easier to identify the problem as the damp will rise to the top and not sit under a floated floor and therefore easier to fix the problem.
This also makes the floor very soundproof as to its directly fitted to the concrete or ply, it’s similar to walking on tiles and you don’t get squeaking or an echo noise as you walk.
Laminate, Engineered and even semi-solid are definitely cheaper but don’t withstand the same as a solid parquet floor and in our opinion, don’t have the same beauty and longevity. A solid parquet floor is for life and well worth the investment.
Find out more about MM Parquet Carpentry visiting their Profile on WhatsWhat.ie

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