Business Security Tips for COVID19

ADAM Security Business Security Tips
In the current climate with businesses required to lockdown, we have put together some Business Security Tips that you may have some more time to review to ensure the safety and reassurance that your premises and employees are protected.


Ensure your premises are secure and alarms are activated
Make Sure your CCTV systems are operational
Remove Premium Products so they are not visible
Check Your Insurance Policies are up to date

Working Remotely

Many companies have requested their staff to work from home over the next number of weeks.
To ensure their safety and peace of mind have you taken into consideration whether their homes are fitted with fire alarms, security alarms and fire extinguishers as this can be deemed as a workplace as well?
Your employee’s safety and security in a remote working environment should be paramount for your business.

Security Systems

Most businesses will have Security Systems installed in their premises and have Security technology applications loaded on their smart devices to be able to react immediately in a security breach.
This may be a good time to carry out a routine test of your alarm systems and ensure emergency signals are reaching your monitoring devices.

Current Access Authorisation

As a business owner now that you have some downtime it may be a good time to reevaluate and audit your current access privileges your employees have.
Take the time to review who should have access to certain areas and remove the people that shouldn’t have access.

Security Apps Software. 

If you have Security Apps installed on your smart device, now is a good time to check if they are up to date with the latest patches and enhances features.
Check your settings and see if there have been any new developments with your app, install them and run a test on your system.
It is so important to keep these apps updated most applications will automatically update but it is always good to manually check for your own peace of mind.
These are just some tips for business owners and managers to act on and suggestions to keep your business secure.
If you require any assistance or advice, please contact ADAM Security for more details.
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