Empowering Leadership: The Journey of Igor Toma, CEO of Nuacom


In the bustling world of technology and communication, Igor Toma stands out not just as the CEO of Nuacom, but as a visionary who has intricately woven his personal journey into the fabric of his company’s ethos. Originating from Moldova and moving to Ireland in 2007, Toma’s narrative is one of gratitude, resilience, and relentless pursuit of innovation, making his interview a compelling story of entrepreneurial spirit.

Toma’s early fascination with technology, beginning with software engineering and extending to his hands-on experience building websites as a teenager, set the stage for his entrepreneurial journey. His initial venture into business as a satellite dish installer and later a web development agency owner showcases a pattern of practical engagement with technology and a clear trajectory towards greater achievements.

Significantly, Toma’s transformation from an employee at a startup to its leader through a strategic buyout is not just a career milestone but also a testament to his foresight and determination. His leadership style, emphasizing trust and ownership among team members, reflects his personal growth and the evolving needs of a dynamic business environment.

Nuacom’s culture, underscored by teamwork and customer-centric values, mirrors Toma’s belief in the power of collective effort and exemplary service.

Facing challenges head-on, such as learning to run a business independently, Toma adapted by leveraging online resources and community learning, which today, he notes, are abundantly available and crucial for rapid growth. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs to engage with peer communities and continuously seek knowledge underscores his recognition of the communal aspect of business success.

Under Toma’s guidance, Nuacom is not just a company but a vision in action. His ambition for Nuacom to become a globally recognized brand is rooted in consistency and reliability, values that he champions personally and professionally. Innovations like the missed calls follow-up tool exemplify how Toma’s team is encouraged to respond creatively to customer needs, further enhancing the company’s reputation.

Reflecting on personal fulfillment and work-life balance, Toma values the entrepreneurial reward of financial freedom and autonomy, which allows him to prioritize family and personal growth, pursuing hobbies like golfing and sailing. His aspirations for a legacy that inspires others highlight his deep commitment to proving that dedication and hard work can pave the way to success, regardless of one’s origins.

Igor Toma’s journey and leadership at Nuacom encapsulate the essence of entrepreneurial success—innovation guided by personal values and a steadfast commitment to improving lives through technology. His story is not just about building a business but about nurturing a community both within and beyond the workplace.



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