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Each month we receive many false alarm calls, some of which could have been easily preventable.
While Security engineers are glad to arrive at your property to find that no harm has been done, we’re sure that you’d prefer to save yourself the anxiety and costs associated with these call types.

With this in mind, We have put together a list of simple measures you can take to avoid the unnecessary activation of your alarm:

Check the alarm is set correctly. 

If any errors are displaying, contact your alarm provider for more assistance. It’s also worth keeping the manual in a designated place within the property in case of a problem.

Regular alarm maintenance and checks. 

It’s well worth factoring this into a routine series of checks which include your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm, to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Check windows and doors are securely shut.

Not only will this help prevent an actual burglary, it will also stop the weather from affecting your alarm. Wind, rain and air conditioning have all been known to create movements which can trigger off an alarm. This also includes securing chains on roller doors.

Regularly dust and clean around alarm sensors. 

Spiders and other small insects can set off an alarm sensor and although you may not appreciate this kind of intruder, they’re unlikely to steal your laptop!

Pest control. 

If you have a pest problem, not only is it worth dealing with in the interest of hygiene and safety, rodents and birds can also set off alarms as they scurry or fly about.

Animal-friendly alarms. 

When it comes to furry creatures which are welcome in your home, talk to your alarm company about a pet-friendly device to avoid giving Sooty or Fido the fright of their life! Indeed, if any changes in circumstances occur in your home which may affect your alarm, notify the provider as they may well be able to upgrade to a system which will be more fitting (and more effective).

Inform your guests. 

If you have visitors, avoid them accidentally activating the alarm by giving them a quick run-through of how it works.

And finally… 

check everyone is out of the building before setting the alarm!
For more advice on installing a burglar alarm or to see how our mobile patrol officers could work with your alarm provider to keep your home safe,
Contact ADAM Security on Phone 01 6206758
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