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How Google my Business can help your website
You’re probably wondering, what’s the best way to build trust? Well, I’m here with good news! You can claim your business Google my Business or on Google Maps. What does this mean for you exactly? It means that when potential customers are looking online they’ll be able to find your company. They can then visit your website or call if need be! Now, how cool is that!?
Updating information on Google my Business
Keeping your listings up-to-date is important for all businesses that rely on a strong online presence. One of the most overlooked aspects is to keep Google My Business updated with information such as accurate phone numbers and website addresses so people can contact you or visit your site. If a building has already had previous tenants who have staked their claim there too, it’s crucial to make sure yours gets out in front early!
Google Reviews
Ever heard of the phrase ‘a satisfied customer is a repeat customer?’ Well, Google takes this idea to another level. The search engine giant now allows customers who have visited your business or used your service to review you online – and it’s crucial that after they do so, you take advantage by asking them for a testimonial via email! Here at Sidekick Media, we can help you to organise all of that so that you are not missing out on reviews.
Google my Business Posts
Google My Business is a social media platform just like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It’s important to post there on occasion so your customers can see what you have going on and the services that you offer them. You should make sure to use keywords in each of these posts as well so when people are searching for businesses similar to yours they’ll find yours too!
Google my Business is a FREE service
Last but not least, one brilliant thing about Google My Business and Google Maps is that they are free. It’s a great opportunity to shout about your business with this platform – don’t miss out on it! You should also make sure you have Google Maps included in your website so people can find your location easily when looking for what you offer online.
If you want any more help with Google Maps or Google My Business make sure to get in contact with us at Sidekick Media and we will be delighted to help you.
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