Interview with Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon Interview

As you all know Barbara Gordon is the CEO and founder of and we thought it would be great to find out a little more about her, her business background and ethos. So we posted a few questions ….

Barbara, tell us a little about your business background?

I got separated as we do, then realised with shock horror that I now had responsibilities for the Bills, the Mortgage and the kids. Lots of leaflets were coming through my door so I decided if they were all on one big leaflet as in A3 I could set up a business, make money, and the businesses would save money. So off I went with a blank A3 sheet, drew 9 squares on 1 side and 9 on the other side and I sold all the squares on both sides. This was then delivered to 25,000 homes in my area. From month one I made money, businesses saved money, I developed this to 16 pages, full colour, high gloss, delivered 25,000 copies to homes in my area promoting all the local business in the Magazine. When I say magazine there was not an ounce of editorial as I sold every square inch. People said it wouldn’t work with no editorial, but it did and was very successful for years. I then sold it.

How did start?

I then had the idea that these businesses should be on the Internet, now the Internet in early 2,000 was in its infancy. People told me I was mad, to stick with what I know as in the Magazine. Business colleagues laughed at me, told me stuff like ” sure who would search business on the Internet” ” why on earth would anyone go to the Internet to find a business” ” stay with the Magazine, isn’t it successful for you” I took no heed, I had a vision, so off I went and set up

How/why select the name WhatsWhat?

It just literally came into my head, I thought it was catchy and memorable

How did you go about creating

To be honest, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing, I couldn’t turn on my laptop, I soon learned. I didn’t do any research just plunged into it. Came up with the name and off I went getting businesses to register.

How many companies registered with you when you started In 2002?

Around 200 and now we have over 130,000, from every county in Ireland

How many companies from 2002 are still with you 17 years later?

About 50%, we have a very high customer satisfaction rating. Some companies are no longer in business due to the recession.

What are the benefits of registering on

It is vital for SEO and Ranking to have your business on a quality Directory, with a quality link. SEO Companies recommend businesses register with a Quality Directory for a Quality Backlink. We are a Quality Long Established, Fully Irish Owned Directory, offing a Quality Backlink. We are just so much more than a Directory though. We have a High DA and constantly recommended by SEO Companies.

We are so much more than a Directory, members now have access to FREE services form our Trusted Partners to help them in their business.

Here is the link to the Free Services
This is very grounded networking as businesses have to make contact with each other to avail of this service.

Members now can post Blogs Posts on our Platform with a link back to their profile in

Here is the link to the Blog Posts

Members now can post their Podcasts on our Platform with a link back to their profile in

Alan Hennessy from Kompass Media looks after our Podcast Page on the website, So if any of our members would like to have their podcast displayed, they can get in contact with me or Alan, here is the link to the Podcast Page

What are the packages within and what are the benefits of each? 

Here is a link to the Packages and what they get

Tell us a little about The Biz Expo?

In the height of Recession, while still working in I decided to organise a Business Exhibition. Again I was told I was nuts as we were in a very bad recession and I had no experience in the Exhibition space but I just went ahead with it anyway. I told myself “ sure I will learn as I go along” Businesses were closing down, they needed that extra support, to spread their wings, to network and make new contacts.

It was extremely welcomed and the 1st event turned out to be a very successful Nationwide Event as businesses came from various Counties in Ireland. Seven years later, after 7 successful Expos, I decided to hand over the reins to a very capable company as I really wanted to give my full concentration.

What are your plans for the future of

The plan is to have THE Most Proactive Directory giving beneficial and grounded Business Support offering Interactive Networking Opportunities

How can people contact you?
By email at and
‭Mobile (086) 411 6688‬

Blog Post wrote by Gaye Moore (The Potentialist)


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