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Dr Suraya Diaz is one of our members in and a member of the VIP Members Lounge, we were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Suraya and find out more about her amazing health and wellness business
Q1 – Dr Suraya – thank you very much for taking the time for our interview. Can you give us a little of your background and how you came to live in Ireland?

At the time I was working as I research associate in the UK when I had a work opportunity in Ireland at the Centre for Chromosome Biology (CCB) at NUI Galway. When I came to the job interview, I loved the city and the people and I totally could see myself living in Ireland! I moved to Ireland to perform scientific research on the mechanisms and regulation of human DNA replication and human polyomaviruses DNA replication at NUIG and in the meantime started my business venture.
Q2 – Can you tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey and how you became involved in the health industry.
I become initially involved in the health industry through my fascination towards science and technology, in particular, the interplay between cellular and molecular pathways and the molecular mechanisms involved in diseases. and infectious diseases in particular. In this way, I focused my education and academic career towards microbiology, biochemistry and biomedical sciences, with a particular focus on molecular biology and protein biochemistry. I performed scientific research in the most prestigious world research institutions such as the Francis Crick Institute in the UK where I was involved in the scientific research of mechanisms of disease and new therapeutic strategies.
Additionally, throughout my scientific career in medical research, I realised that good health and well-being are influenced by many factors including diet, lifestyle and environment. So, with that in mind, I decided to combine my scientific career with alternative medicine which included becoming a certified nutritionist, naturopath and medicinal herbalist. This fusion of conventional and alternative medicine as placed me in the ideal position to design and tailor the premium quality products while complementing it consultancy in all these areas.

Q3 – Dr Suraya one of the outstanding things about your online shop is that your products are created by you – can you tell me why you choose to do this?
As a consumer, I had the frequent experience of not being able to find in shops some products that I was really interested in. They were just not available in the market. Often there were no organic certified options, the products available would contain toxic or non-natural ingredients, they would have a very low concentration of active ingredients, etc. At first, I started formulating these products for myself and family consumption and I really could see beneficial changes.
Friends and friends of friends started noticing changes in ourselves and started asking for these products and I thought that it would be a good idea to make products of supreme quality available for everyone’s to better their own lives. I am also very passionate about preserving the planet ecosystems, environment and wildlife and I think that I can make some positive impact through my business. By promoting and manufacturing organic certified products, reducing packaging and plastic consumption as much as possible.
Q4 – Can you tell us about an example where your expertise and products helped someone achieve optimum health
A client comes to my clinic with eye floaters, acid reflux, fatigue, anxiety, asthma, eczema and hay fever. He had grown up with asthma, eczema, skin rashes, itching and scratching symptoms on his legs, back and face. He was very self-conscious about his skin issues which deeply compromised his social life and would cause great anxiety. He also suffered from acid reflux with bloating and flatulence and was taking antacid tablets. Additionally, he also had permanent eye floaters with a history of a sudden loss of vision.
After coming to my clinic, he was advised to take several health tests and was given a full nutrition and lifestyle plan along with food supplements, creams and herbal individualised formulas. During his follow up consultation 4 weeks afterwards, his floaters were much reduced, his skin rashes had almost disappeared and he was experiencing less acid reflux symptoms. After 6 months of following his programme and taking his individualised formulas, he was not experiencing eye floaters, acid reflux and his eczema had totally cleared up. He also mentioned that he felt more energy, better mood and that it was his first Spring for as long as he could remember without hay fever symptoms.
Q5 – Are all your consultations in person or can they be completed online?
Dr Diaz consultancy is available in person with clinics in Roscommon and Galway and online through Skype, phone and online questionnaires.
Q6- What is your vision about your work and where do you see the health industry in 5 years?
I predict a change in people’s mindset in the next 5 years where the alternative natural route will become more mainstream with people having more viable options across all spectrums. As for predictions near to home, my ambitions for the company Dr. Suraya Diaz is to be a world leader and the go-to name when it comes to organic certified products for total health and wellness needs.
Q7 – How can clients contact you?
Clients can find all my details at
And can contact me through email at and +353 (0) 9180 4998.

Blog Post wrote by Gaye Moore (The Potentialist)


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