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The importance of directory back links in successful website rankings.

Links and link building strategies are not dead despite what you read online. Google’s search engine algorithm will always take into account all incoming links pointing to your site and the anchor text that they contain (clickable keyword that points to your site) with a view to successfully rank your site. Before Google changed the way in which it viewed links, quantity was the deciding factor when it came to a website’s ranking.

However, after the rollout of Panda and Penguin updates, all this changed. Google now has the ability to distinguish between high and low-quality links in an effort to better understand your links profile and it is important to check your link profile regularly in order to monitor this situation. Quality back links are the new flash phrase of 2019.

Link outreach remains paramount when trying to build up your link profile. A good way to start this link building is through link outreach. This involves reaching out to similar websites start this link building is through link outreach. This involves reaching out to similar websites with a view to getting them to link to your site in the form of a back link, banner link or content syndication.

Another tried and tested method of building backlinks is registering with industry directories in your chosen category and creating your own unique page or microsite for your business. Not only do these sites offer assistance and ranking potential for local search, but you also receive a valuable keyword-rich backlink from their platform to your own site which greatly assists with your online web presence.

Google actively encourages good link building technique and strategies in an effort to clean up the prevalence of spam sites which exist solely to provide a link back to a website. Link outreach and registering with trusted industry directories will go a long way towards ranking your site online.

Thanks to Martin O’Neill from Acorn Media for sharing this blog post.


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