Social Media Content Ideas For October 2019

We’re well and truly into Autumn and this month there’s always a selection of quite obvious themes that can be used in your social media in addition to your business, products, services or company news.
In this the latest of our monthly posts on ideas for your content, we’re sharing some other ideas that might come in handy for those days when you’re in need of a little inspiration.
  1. International Coffee Day – 1st October; Americano, Latte, Cappucino or whatever your favourite may be, there’s no doubt that coffee is a firm favourite the world over. If you’re in hospitality there’s an opportunity to do a special deal, for everybody else why not treat yourself to something different to your regular one?
  2. Technies Day – 3rd October; those frequently misunderstood technical whizzes that keep the world moving have their own dedicated day which was launched back in 1998. How about a shout-out on your social media for your own technical team? Or if you’re the techie maybe it’s a day to treat yourself to a new gadget.
  3. Vodka Day – 4th October; one that could work very well for bars or restaurants, why not launch a signature cocktail for this day? The thing to remember though is always to promote it responsibly so this is one that’s best with a second opinion before you do anything.
  4. World Teachers Day – 5th October; these wonderful people who are part of all of our lives at some point have a designated day which is set aside to remind us of just how important their role is in society. Maybe a ‘Teacher’s Special’ to mark it if you’re a business with a lot of clients in this category?
  5. World Porridge Day – 10th October; love it or hate it, porridge is one of staple’s of many a healthy diet and as the weather changes it’s a breakfast that sets you up for the day. For those in hospitality or retail if it’s on the menu or the shelves it’s the ideal special for that day?
  6. World Arthritis Day – 12th October; a difficult condition to live with, despite its existence for centuries we don’t yet have a cure but there are a lot of different ways people find relief to suit. The focus is to raise awareness on this day, for those in healthcare whether it’s medicine or complementary on this day you might like to consider even sharing information with your audience that might come in useful.
  7. Global Handwashing Day – 15th October; as children we’re encouraged to do this from a young age yet standards of hygiene aren’t always as they could be. This day was launched in 2008 to raise awareness of the fact that improved hygiene can help us in so many ways, not least in terms of the spread of infection. An opportunity for pharmacies or retailers who offer products suited to this day have a look at #globalhandwashingday for ideas.
  8. Apple Day – 21st October; here in Ireland the apple is a top pick at the moment. For those involved in catering or hospitality mark the day with a special bake or even a drink, if you’re in the grocery with Halloween fast approaching it’s a peak period for fruit so why not run some sort of promotion around the humble apple?
  9. Internet Day – 29th October; we take it for granted and it’s part of how we work, live and play but did you realise that despite it being in common use for the past few decades as the world wide web, the original internet dates back as far as 1969!? Have a look at this link – this is how the first website appeared, quite different isn’t it? The 29th October marks the first time two computers managed to talk to each other, in your own business it’s one day you can perhaps consider giving it a shout-out in whatever way works for you.
  10. Halloween – 31st October; a big event here in Ireland, there are lots of different ways to mark this occasion in your business whether it’s fancy dress for your employees, pumpkin carving, Halloween special offers, seasonal treats or bringing somebody in-store to do face-painting for children, mark it in a way that works for your business and not just for the sake of it. Sometimes a ‘Happy Halloween’ greeting on social media is more than enough, just join in as appropriate – even if you’re a huge fan of the day at home (like me)!!!
That’s our round-up of themes that might come in useful for your social media this month.
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