Storm Damage Roof Repair Tips

Storm Damaged Roofs

Storm Damage Roof Repair Tips

Autumn is here. Leaves and falling and we’ve already had our first storm of the season. Lorenzo didn’t bring as much damage as forecasted but our Roofer Dublin team have come up with some top tips on how to assess your roof and look for storm damage. By following this advice you’ll be able to check for and get help should you require roof repairs after the next storm.

Roof Repairs and Storm Damage

Even if a storm, such as Lorenzo, doesn’t produce massive rainfalls or the wind speeds predicted, it can cause damage to your roof. High winds can be the main cause of roof damage and if our winters here in Ireland are anything to go by, we can expect a lot more of it. It only takes wind speeds of 60 to 100 kph to see damage to your home. This can include fallen trees, power lines coming down, or even debris being blown from neighbouring gardens. We’ve all seen the pictures of trampolines flying through the air.
After any storm passes it is important to check for roof damage and below we have our Roofer Dublin tips on spotting roof damage.

Roofer Dublin Tips for Spotting Roof Damage

1.Check Your Attic for Leaks or Water Damage: 

If you spot any water stains on your ceilings or walls this tells you water is getting in and you may need to book in some roof repairs. Check for any drips or puddles in your attic as this is the first place the water will get in from your roof.

2. Start at the Ground: 

From the ground, you’ll be able to spot some roof damage. This includes missing tiles, broken or missing fascia, tiles that have lifted or moved out of place. Check your gutters too.

3. Fallen Branches: 

If a tree falls on your roof you’ll notice this immediately and the advice from the experts is to stay out of the house until you can get a professional roofing expert to assess the damage and to make sure the structure is safe.

4. Be Safe: 

Do not try going up on the roof to check for the damage yourself. It is always safer to call out the experts and get them to check if you are in doubt.
If there is damage caused by a storm and you need roof repairs, be sure to contact your insurance company to see what you are covered for as well. Call an expert Roofer Dublin to quote for repairs and be sure to keep all your receipts for your insurance company.
Lorenzo may not have been as strong as predicted, but we can be sure there will be more storms before the winter is out and knowing what to look for in the aftermath is important.
Here at Roofing Experts, our contractors are always on hand to advise and offer help on any aspect of roof repairs so be sure to get in touch if you have any concerns about the state of your roof after any of the winter storms to come.
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