Top Tips to Get Content Shared Online

Top Tips for Getting Your Content Shared by People from Kompass Media
We have put together a blog post from the content we shared on a recent Social Media Talks Podcast, which may be of use to you if you looking to learn more about getting more eyeballs on your Content and that will make people want to share your content.
1. Curiosity Preview Content
Create content that will raise peoples curiosity and require them to dig deeper into what you are sharing with them.
Preview a taste of what it is you’re going to share with them.
Give them a solution to their problem.
2. Memorable Content
Create content that people are going to remember or can reference back to at a later stage.
Research your topic on Google and see how others have talked about your chosen topic, what angle have they used and look at ways to mix up yours and stand out from the crowd.
Identify popular topics, beliefs or opinions that are related to your industry and flip it on its head. This will give you an edge and keep the reader interested and spark up curiosity to read more.
Make sure to back up your research with credible data and reference your sources within your content piece.


3. Graphical Design
Now you have your written words, think about your design and the elements you may need. Remember people get bored and distracted by just text. Break up your content with images, graphics, and infographics if available.
Thinks about your text and keep colour change to a minimum.
Another important aspect to take into consideration is key elements within your content piece to make it skimmable to your reader.


4. Types of Content Formats
Give your reader useful content. This can come in a wide variety of formats from standard text blogs to worksheets, step by step guides, check sheets and free online tools.
If you are creating guides ensure that the content is easy to follow and can be completed in 5/10 Minutes. This will ensure your readers will come back for more.

5. Social Relevance & Influencers
When you take time out to create content that will educate, inform and entertain your readers it is always a great help and
endorsement if you can reach out to influencers to assist you in boosting your content. If you are not connected to any here are a few tips to help solve that problem:
  • Reach out to Influencers and ask them for three top tips about your Industry.
  • Write your content around the tips they have provided you with and tag them.
  • After you publish your piece, reach out to them on Social Media or by email to let them know you have included them in your blog.
6. Content Length
Some of the most interesting questions are how long should my content be. This is a preference you will have to decide for yourself.
Long Form content can answer a large amount of questions and can be a lot more valuable to your readers.
If you are writing long-form content try to write around 1500 words, which you may think is a lot, but when you start writing the words will flow.

7. Call To Action (CTA’s)
Asking your reader to perform a Call to Action after consuming your content is one of the most important parts of creating content. This helps you to reach other communities. This can be done in a number of different ways that will not challenge your reader.
  1. Ask them to leave a comment.
  2. Ask them to share it with others.
  3. Ask them to let you know how your content helped them.
  4. Ask them to connect with you on Social Media.
  5. Give them the option to view more of your content. (Website)
I hope you learn some tips from this blog post. You can also listen to our Podcast for more tips.
If you would like to learn more about these processes our Tailor Made Training programme can teach you how to be more productive and gain a deeper understanding of developing and creating blog content.
Visit Kompass Media Profile on for more details on the services and Training they provide. Based in Bray, Co Wicklow, Training also available by Video Call or in person.
Contact Alan for more details Email: or Call 086 856 9960.

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