Why You NEED to Update WordPress

The WordPress Guy
WordPress is extremely flexible and user-friendly.  That’s why it is so popular. In fact, over 30% of all websites across the globe are powered by WordPress.
N.B.  If your System Version of WordPress is not 5.6, you are NOT up to date, at the time of writing this.  Here are the reasons why you need to update to the Latest Version.
There are 3 main elements of WordPress that require updates;
  1. The WordPress Core: This is all the foundational files that a WordPress website requires to work.
  2. WordPress Plugins:  These are files that add additional functionality to the core files and often interact with 3rd party software such as Google Analytics or Security Software.
  3. WordPress Theme: These makes up the look and feel of your website producing the graphical layout of your site.
1) SECURITY: All updates, (Core, Plugins and Themes) include any new security features, which are paramount to the successful running and stability of your site.
2) PERFORMANCE: A fully updated website will be fast as well as efficient. Quite simply, older Versions slow down the systems.
3) AUTOMATIC UPDATES: Only minor updates are automatic but all major releases have to be manually updated (as do Plugin and Theme updates).
4) WEBSITE BACKUP: All websites have to be fully backed up (for safety reasons) and to do this.
5) PLUGINS: It’s so important that all Plugins are regularly tested.  They will not run on old WordPress software.  Your site will not function to its maximum ability and you will be plagued with glitches.  It’s imperative that you test every Plugin.
6) PHP: The Programming/Scripting Language also has to be updated.  This creates interactive websites. Again, old versions slow your site down and can prevent it from functioning.
7) FIX BUGS: It’s in the interest of WordPress to fix ongoing bugs and thereby benefit the Company reputation.  They can never be ignored and when fixes are updated, they must be re-tested.  If bugs are ignored, they can hide other bugs.  Updates are crucial.
8) USER-FRIENDLINESS: WordPress always strives to improve speed and safety.  They know that a faster and more efficient page creates a happy user.  Update features can also include facilities to improve user-friendliness in other ways.
9) GOOD HABIT:  Wouldn’t you gladly perform a function that would make you live longer?  Updating your site, without any doubt, gives it a longer and more efficient life.  It’s a very positive habit and will ensure the smooth running of your site (as is testing WordPress and Plugin updates).
10) FREQUENCY OF UPDATE: If you receive notifications of updates, install them immediately.  If you don’t, the updates can be a very lengthy process.  Usually, once a month is sufficient for updates, to keep you up and running, smoothly.
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