Parquet Floor Designs

The word parquet is a french word that was used to describe when many pieces of small timer blocks are assembled together to make up a geometrical pattern or design of your choice and when you introduce different types of exotic timber like American walnut, Merbau, Teak and Mahogany you can get some amazing design and the illusion of 3D floors. This is one of the many reasons as to why parquet flooring is a little more expensive than a standard timber floor.
If you can afford parquet the results can be amazing and the design choice is endless.
One of the most popular parquet designs is the herringbone design, it is a more traditional design, I think it is amazing to know that it is one of the oldest designs and patterns of all.  it was first used back in the roman and Egyptian times and is now used all around the world.
The effects of the herringbone design can be amazing when laid and can really give some amazing illusions of light and dark tones depending on how much daylight can come into your property. You can see why Herringbone has and still is so popular.
Our next favourite parquet flooring design would be the basketweave design. This design is made up of evenly measured planks that when fitted together look like a wicker basket pattern.
In our opinion, the classic patterns are the best and will stand the test of time and beauty, as really these styles of floors never get dated. This pattern really adds depth to your parquet floors and has an amazing woven effect and can make it look like the floors are more intricate and look like one plank is laid over another. You can really achieve some amazing effect with this style of parquet flooring.
Since I was young I have always loved the parquetry designs and the many patterns that can be achieved.
There are many different modern takes on parquet e.g tiles etc, but for us, you can’t beat the real thing, I think there is nothing like a solid wood floor, they stand the test of time, and can colour can be changed very easily if you choose something like an oak block which my customers love as in 5 or 10 years time if they want to go for a different look, all the parquet flooring needs is simple sand.
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